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Silk’n Tightra

Laite | Intimate Health Device For Women
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Ilmainen toimitus aina yli 50€ ostoksiin.

Looking to regain confidence in your feminine area? The Silk’n Tightra is a revolutionary intimate health device for women that aims to help tighten and firm the vagina using clinically tested Bi-Polar RF technology, all from the comfort of your own home. As a result, it is ideal for those suffering from weakened vaginal walls, urinary leakage or decreased sexual pleasure due to childbirth or hormonal changes.

  • Intimate Health Device For Women
  • Aims to tighten internally & externally
  • Helps with vaginal inconveniences
  • With firming Bi-Polar RF energy
  • Includes Silk’n Intimate Gel
  • Safe & easy to use
  • ISO
  • Kliinisesti todistettu
  • RoHS-sertifioitu

What is the Silk’n Tightra?

The Silk’n Tightra is a revolutionary device created specifically for female intimate wellness that can be used from the comfort of the home. By using clinically tested and safe Bi-Polar RF technology, it can help to firm and tighten the vagina both internally and externally as well as support the pelvic floor muscles. As a result, it is ideal for women suffering from urinary incontinence, lowered sensitivity and a changed appearance due to childbirth or hormones. With just 8 sessions that last 20 minutes, with the help of the Silk’n Tightra you can be on your way to a more confident, free and satisfied you!

Silk’n Tightra Safety Features

So that you can rest assured when using your device, the Silk’n Tightra has a number of smart safety features. This includes:

  • Heat stabiliser: 16 heat sensors that monitor the skin’s temperature during use to ensure it will not exceed 42°C - 43°C.
  • Touch sensor: Ensures that the Bi-Polar RF energy will only be emitted when the electrodes are in good contact with the skin to avoid overexposure.
  • Movement sensor: In external mode, the device will only emit energy when moving across the skin.
  • Auto shutdown: The device will shut down after 20 minutes of use (a complete session), or after 2 minutes if there is no firm contact with the skin.

What’s included with your Silk’n Tightra?

  • Silk’n Tightra Device
  • Silk’n Intimate Gel
  • User Manual
  • Beauty Case
  • USB Cable & Adapter
  • Warranty Card

Directions for use

Internally for vaginal muscles:

Start by applying a small amount of the Silk'n Intimate Gel to all of the electrodes. Beginning with the low energy setting and then increasing the heat to the required level, lie down and insert the electrodes into the vagina as far as is comfortable. Keep the device in place for 20 minutes, rotating from time to time. After 20 minutes, the device will automatically shut down.

Externally for vulva skin and appearance:

Ensure the skin surrounding the healthy vagina is clean, shaved and dry before use. Begin by short pressing the control button 3 times, then apply a small amount of the Silk’n Intimate Gel only to the 3 chrome-coloured electrodes. Lie down and then place the electrodes on the labia. Once comfortable, move the device firmly and slowly across the skin for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the device will automatically shut down.

For full instructions on how to use the Silk’n Tightra device as well as all cautions, we recommend reading through the full user manual before first use.

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  • Very easy to use. I was a bit unsure at first but now I can feel the difference


  • Since having kids everything is different down there so I’m so glad this exists!


  • Easy to use but will see soon if it works


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